Our Policies of Sale

Our Policies of Sale

Wherever we have used “us” or “we”, it means Himalayan Panacea (ABN – 98 657 228 110). The words that refer to a potential customer or visitor are “you” or “yours” on our website. 

Our Customer First Policy

Himalayan Panacea, as in our core values are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a wide range of quality product.  We undertake to make sure that all products provided on our website are in stock and priced correctly. As a principle, we list only reliable and top brand items on our website.

Restrictions on Use

With a paramount condition for all the website users, you are needed not to involve or participate in our website in any unauthorised, prohibited and illegal by our terms and conditions. You are advised not to use our website in any way that could result in interference or other disruptions. You are not allowed to use our website in any way that works against the interest of our business or disrupt any third party’s use and amusement of this website. You pledge not to hack and misuse any part of this website that could be decremental to our business.

Disclaimer for Third-Party Use

We hereby submit a disclaimer about the available links for other websites which are meant for your assistance only. The presence of these links should not be taken as any type of endorsement for their goods. As third-party links, we do not control the information provided by them. We understand that you are aware of the risks involved.

Intellectual Property Copyright

All material of any kind which includes text, graphics, digital impressions and images, any software’s or applications, data sheets is the copyrighted property of Himalayan Panacea. You can use them only with our approval. Although we permit to customers for their personal use. Any commercial use of this material is not permissible.

Customer Reviews

All feedback and reviews shown on Himalayan Panacea  website have been submitted by our actual customers. We feel the privilege to submit these testimonials. Please feel free to provide your feedback, in case you can contact us on our webpage details.

Refusal for confirmed order

We reserve the right to terminate or cancel your approved order at any time for any reason before the delivery is done. Although we may follow this course of action not limited to as in the following condition when:

  • Our supplying company fails to deliver the ordered products that they agreed to do initially.
  • Any natural disasters like storm, tsunami, earthquake, fire, flood, terror strike, war, etc. Any emergency like a failure of power and communication systems, transport strikes or otherwise. An act not controlled by us where we can’t deliver the promised product within a valid time.
  • As a customer, you can submit your request to Himalayan Panacea to cancel the order.
  • We will inform and update you if your approved order has been cancelled by us for any reasons. The preferred way of communication will be by email.
  • We will refund any payment made in respect of the cancelled order provided the payment has been processed.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

We believe in responsibly serving our customers. Anything submitted here on this website does not intend to bypass the pre-requisites of Australia Consumer Law.

Although we have made our best endeavours to provide you with accurate and updated information on this website, emails, live chat, on telephone conversations or any other ways of communication, we cannot be certain that all such information is free of errors or omissions.

The best efforts have been put in to provide the users of our website, live chat forum and email recipients and callers however the human errors or omission can always crop in, consequently, the accuracy, completeness, and adequacy of the information on all the communications from our representatives and methods cannot be guaranteed and be not questioned in any legal forum.

Depending upon the resolution of the individual setting of the display the colour sampled on the “Himalayan Panacea website” may slightly vary with the actual representation of products.

Himalayan Panacea hereby make a disclaimer that in no event whatsoever Himalayan Panacea “can be held liable directly or indirectly for any financial or punitive damages based on the use of the information contained in the website and related communication methods described anywhere in the T & Cs.

Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that the aggregate liability of Himalayan Panacea shall be limited to the total amount paid by the customers for the purchase of the products only. We might agree to replace or refund the products or might agree to provide the maintenance services at our sole discretion. For further information relating to the replacement and refunds please refer to our returns and refund policy in the next section.

Hereby you confirm that you have agreed to indemnify the “Himalayan Panacea “ and its associates in form of its Directors, Employees, Suppliers harmless from and against any claims and damages resulting from the firm or alleged use or misuse of our websites or violation of any terms and conditions stated herein. 

Reserved Rights to changes

We at Himalayan Panacea hereby reserve the right to change our terms and conditions and policies and proposals without any notice at our discretion, nothing in here policy restricts or limits the discretion of the refusal of order and refunds policy and other conditions covered anywhere in this website and communication shared by any of the representatives. Users of the website and information herein shall agree to comply with the updates or changes introduced every time.

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