Relieve Tension, Pain & Sore Muscles With This Massage Oil

It’s often hard to find the time to get a relaxing massage. You feel like you have so many things to do and most of the time you feel incredibly stressed. To help ease your tension and improve your body’s flexibility and range of motion, we bring you an amazing massage oil that can make all the difference in your life – Himalayan Panacea massage oil. With just 5-6 drops from the dropper, you can gently massage the affected area of your body from bottom to top direction until oil is absorbed into the skin. For effective and best results, cover the area with clothing to retain heat and repeat three times a day.

Our Himalayan Panacea oil is fortified with the power of “Eight Active Ingredients”, that opens skin pores, penetrates deep inside, provides prolonged heat and fixes the problem at its core. This oil is designed to soothe Muscular Pain and Stiffness, Back Pain, Joint Pain And Strains, Neck And Shoulder Pain, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Pain.

Top 9 reasons to buy this magical oil :-

1) Reduce Stress & Anxiety:

Maybe you feel stressed and anxious all the time. Maybe some things in your life are happening that make it feel unjust. It’s understandable. Nobody wants to live in fear or worry about being insignificant. Whether you’re a new mom or dad, just lost your job, or dealing with something else, you want relief as soon as possible. The best medicine is something that is natural, inexpensive, and can be used without a prescription from your doctor. It’s not a paint-by-numbers exercise, but try this wonder oil to reduce stress and anxiety today!

Tension and stress are a fact of life. They not only make us feel tired but also reduces our libido and affect our sleep and overall wellbeing. You might be feeling the tension in your muscles, joints or just a general ache somewhere in your body and need to find a solution that works for you. The best approach here is to start with some self-massage and use a high-quality oil such as our Himalayan Panacea Oil. Massaging this oil helps decrease levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) by increasing oxygen to the brain and fighting inflammation.

2) Improve Blood Circulation:

If you’ve ever noticed how much more flexible you feel after a hot shower or bath and wondered how it was possible. Well, the same applies when we loosen body muscles and tendons with warm oil massages. The heat from our hands loosens the muscles and tendons, increasing blood flow and leaving your body feeling loose and energised. Plus, because the skin is one of our largest organs in the body, it absorbs easily — making this the perfect remedy for revitalising your skin to look younger.

Everyone knows that the ultimate treatment for soothing sore muscles is a good massage. This is because it targets the underlying problem and helps reduce pain, stress, and anxiety. But have you ever wondered what exactly gets released in your body during a massage? It turns out that it helps improve your circulation and break down lactic acid to relieve muscle fatigue. Our product helps alleviate muscle pain, increases blood flow to the affected area and helps you sleep better; our product will do everything that online product promises in an easy-to-use manner but at a fraction of the cost.

3) Reduce Pain:

Who doesn’t love the massage? With the perfect oil in your hand and giving a gentle massage helps warm up those targeted painful muscles and reduces the pain as you achieve eternal happiness.

It may seem like an indulgent treat but is actually a great way to destress after a hard day at work. With the fast-paced lifestyle, physical labour has become a part of our daily life. We often overwork or sit in the wrong positions which result in body aches and pain. If you want to relieve the pain in your muscles, and soreness after a long day of work or heavy exercises then you need the best massage oil that does all the intensive care for you. Himalayan Panacea Oil is enriched with purpose-grown herbs and natural essential oils.
This unique combination relieves tension and stimulates blood flow to particular areas where you need it most.

4) Repairs worn-out muscles and tissues and builds resilience:

Have you ever been in a situation when due to a serious injury or accident, you couldn’t even move? Our body has all the required mechanisms to overcome injuries — regenerating and repairing tissues in case of any sort of damage. However, sometimes the damage is more severe and causes our cells to wear out and gradually lose their functions. When that happens, our body ceases to heal itself, and those tissues start feeling damaged—they hurt a lot, ache, and people tend to develop pain conditions. In such cases, our wonder oil is extremely helpful and definitely gives you relief from all these discomforts.

5) Improve Flexibility:

You may not realize it, but you are spending a good chunk of your day sitting down. In fact, to most people, 10 to 12 hours of every day are spent sitting! Over the long haul, this can lead to some serious health problems. You are not as flexible as you used to be. Our natural flexibility is something that we lose over time. Somewhere around the age of 40, many of us begin to experience a gradual decline in our joints’ flexibility and mobility. This makes it harder for people to perform activities such as bending down, squatting, and moving side-to-side. This makes your life feel less flexible! Fortunately, there is a way for you to improve your health and reduce these negative impacts on your body.

So, if you want to feel better, improve your health, and release tight muscles, massaging this oil thrice a day will improve flexibility and mental health.

6) Help Improve your Sleep! :

Did you know that the time you spend asleep is one of your greatest opportunities to maintain and improve your health? That’s right, sleep may be just as important as what you eat and how often you exercise. Whether you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or your sleep schedule has been thrown off by a recent change in your schedule, there are some amazing natural ways to help increase your overall sleep quality… try our Himalayan oil today!!!

The oil massage will help to promote relaxation and mood enhancement as well as muscle growth. All of these benefits result in a more restful sleep overall preventing muscle cramps and creakiness.

7) Enhance your Immunity:

     Have you ever wondered how to boost your immune system naturally? As people get older it is normal to fight more illnesses. But a healthy lifestyle skilfully used boosts the immune system and prevents you from getting tired and feeling ill.”

The lymphatic system is the body’s processing plant. It removes bacteria, toxins, and other waste from your cells. If you have a healthy functioning lymphatic system, you’re much less likely to develop cancer, diabetes, or arthritis, and your skin is likely to have an even tone and texture.

Stimulating the lymphatic system is vital to a healthy immune system and boosting your immunity against illness and disease.

8) Boost The Mood:

Have you ever been so upset that you felt like every single thing was just too much and you didn’t know what to do next? Feeling angry, unhappy or stressed can take over your life, making it hard to focus on the activities in your day. For some people, this is their daily reality, but it doesn’t have to be the case. There are a variety of treatments available to help ease tension and put a smile on your face.

One of these treatments is massage therapy. What does massage therapy involve? A massage therapist will gently rub your body with oil or lotion and manipulate different parts of your body through techniques such as kneading, tapping or stretching. This can help to give you a better understanding of how your body moves, feels and responds. Massage therapy has been used for a number of different purposes such as pain relief, relaxation and rehabilitation after injury. They will be the top choice, however, we can’t deny the fact that they are expensive and it may not be affordable to visit regularly.

Another cost-effective option is our Himalayan oil massage. You can do it yourself, at home and no matter how good or bad your mood is, massage is recommended as a nice relaxation procedure to get rid of the stress which really energises your mood.

9) Reduce post-surgery and post-injury swelling:

Have you ever experienced immediate pain, tenderness, swelling, and restricted movement or stiffness in the affected area during sports activities or work-out? Do you have an old injury preventing you from doing what you enjoy? One can imagine that these conditions might be frustrating and make you feel less active.
It can happen to anyone, not only people who are athletes but those who work out or who work long hours.

A lot of people just let the pain get worse without knowing that there are other ways to help. To bring some relief and start improving your condition, here is our wonder oil – a natural solution for relief from all these discomforts:-

  • Muscular pain and Stiffness,
  • Back Pain,
  • Joint pain and Strains,
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain,
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Arthritis pain

Himalayan Panacea oil, proudly Australia owned works on all these targeted painful areas. This oil is perfect for muscle and joint pains. It offers soothing, long-lasting relief and helps to improve blood circulation. Himalayan massage oil is natural and works quickly to provide pain relief. It can be used on the neck, shoulders, back or anywhere you have muscle or joint hurt or pain.

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